James Laity – (702) 686-2026


You will hear all the Time…Nothing in the world is Free, but following simple directions will get you FREE ADMISSION & More to the Hottest Nightclubs in Las Vegas.There is VIP Guestlist Available at most Venues on Most Nights. These Lists Have Simple Rules that aren’t too hard to follow for the perks.

  1. Make Sure you are Dealing with a Legitimate Employee for that Venue. There will be Fraudulent Promoters working the Las Vegas Strip who will ask for TIPS (against company policy) for a “FREE” Service. Ask to See a Business card or Proof of Employment. Easiest way to Weed out the Fake Promoters is to see if they are promoting more than 1 Venue each night.
  2. ARRIVE ON TIME! These Guestlist usually expire before Midnight at most venues (1am at Marquee Nightclub) the wait up until 45 mins before the list closes is generally about 10-15 mins due to the process of you getting checked in, ID Checked, writing you a slip to comp your admission and you will save Hundreds in Admission you would have paid for 15 mins of your time. If you contact your promoter to get you inside arriving last minute you generally will not see a response based on your communication on your arrival time earlier.If you do not arrive until after the Promoter told you too then you will not generally receive a response because they are inside hosting guests that arrived on time, also arriving after a guestlist has been removed means that the club does not count you as guest of that promoter and essentially do not pay the promoter for your late arrival.
  3. COME IN DRESS CODE! vegas clubs pride themselves on having a great time and keeping it classy and adult.If you are unsure of dress code feel free to ask your promoter. Generally Vegas Clubs do not allow Athletic Sneakers, Jerseys, T shirts without a Vest or Blazer, or Ripped Jeans.
  4. RATIO…RATIO…RATIO….Ladies this does not apply to you. Guys if you are looking to go to any Club in Vegas Free make sure you have at least 1 girl for every guy in your group. If a promoter tells you that he can get you in free with no ladies hes either scamming you or you will end up in a club with all guys and no ladies. lol

I, James Laity work specifically for i can take care of you for all the events listed on that site. However i do have contacts at other venues that will take care of you if you text me.


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